Beancroft Agility, Hoopers & Scentwork is based at Beancroft Farm near to the village of Marston Moreteyne, Bedfordshire; it is close to the M1 junction 13 (Bedford / Milton Keynes ) and not far from the A1 (Black Cat roundabout).

I am an Agility1st Qualified Agility coach and a CHUK hoopers instructor as well as having a degree in teaching and having taught in school for over 20 years. I'm used to teaching and coaching students from foundation sessions through to the top levels in agility. Lessons build on what is working well for your partnership and on to developing skills in new areas, taking regular small steps so that learning for you and your dog is fun and rewarding.

I also place great emphasis in not competing until you are ready, if at all. About 60% of people who come along weekly to lessons go on to compete. Those who don't wish to compete have a wonderful and fulfilling time during their lessons and are busy with their own lives and have no desire or intention to compete and I fully support that.

Those who do wish to compete are able to participate in focussed preoaration sessions to familiarise them with the expectations that competitions hold. It's important for both dogs and handlers to be able to cope with a competition environment and I don't encourage anyone to compete until both halves of the partnership are ready.

Training is set in an all-weather arena so the dogs stay clean all year round and there aren't too many problems with hard baked ground, too much mud, flooding or frost. There is a full set of Kennel Club competition standard aluminium agility equipment, including a First Contact breakaway tyre. I also use the grass paddock in summer so we have the best of both surfaces.

There are 20 doggyjumps plastic jumps, three sets of weaves including channels, 2x2 and competition along with a long jump and various poles and fillers to help get the dogs used to unusual jumps.


There is a full set of hoopers equipment; 24 hoops, a 2m tunnel, 4 barrels and a Tango mat which is used year round in the grass paddock.


There is a private car park where dogs can be left safely if you have several dogs to work throughout a session along with space to warm your dog up in preparaton.

There is a garage at the roundabout nearby for fuel and services which currently include a mini Sainsburys, Greggs and Burger King.